How to get a data science job

Here are some online resources for learning data science, and career advice. I’m planning to come back to this list often as I continue to develop my skills and work through my career transition.

Data Science Resources

Career Resources

Finding a Mentor

What I’m Reading: May 5, 2017

Data Science posts that have caught my interest this week:

I found a couple posts by Sam DeBrule that give a good overview of how Artificial Intelligence will change the working world in the near future, and resources to learn more, and keep up to date on the progress in the field:

A good post about Math:
You weren’t bad at maths — you just weren’t looking at it the right way

And some advice for PhD’s trying to get into a data science role:
What PhDs do wrong (and right!) when applying for Data Science jobs

What I’m reading

Lately, I’ve found that I’m not reading as much. I’ve been focused on a couple of projects and have neglected other aspects of my data science education. I’m starting to schedule time into my day for finding and reading things online. Here are some of the posts I’ve found interesting lately.

In addition to learning data science, I’m also trying to build a career. There are so many aspects to data science that I’m not always sure what to focus on. I think  I could really use a mentor to help me through this process, and found some good advice on that front as well:

Advice, insight, etc.

Some of the things I’ve read lately:

Advice, inspiration, etc.

I’ve recently come across a number of blog posts, articles, etc. that I’ve found useful. As the first in an ongoing series of posts, I’ll share the links that have captured my attention.

  1. Chad Bryant has and excellent series: So You Want to be a Data Scientist Part 1, Part 2, Part 3. The suggestion to find an area of interest and become a subject matter expert really resonated with me.
  2. The Road to Data Science, by Joel Grus: a great set of slides about becoming a data scientist.
  3. How to get your first job in Data Science, by Tomi Mester: some good advice regarding the most important skills, how to develop them, and encouragement to work on “pet projects”
  4. How to be an “idea machine”, by James Altucher: I’m trying to do this, but still get stuck trying to have “good” ideas…