What I’m reading


Lately, I’ve found that I’m not reading as much. I’ve been focused on a couple of projects and have neglected other aspects of my data science education. I’m starting to schedule time into my day for finding and reading things online. Here are some of the posts I’ve found interesting lately.

In addition to learning data science, I’m also trying to build a career. There are so many aspects to data science that I’m not always sure what to focus on. I think  I could really use a mentor to help me through this process, and found some good advice on that front as well:

Third class travel at first class prices.

As a first data science project, I performed an exploratory analysis of the Titanic passenger list. Using the data from the Kaggle competition, I looked for unexpected features in the data and found two things that surprised me:

  1. There were a significant number of unmarried young women traveling without any immediate family members. This seems very strange for 1912.
  2. The pricing of tickets doesn’t seem to follow any sort of pattern. There are many second and third class passengers who paid more for their tickets than some first class passengers.

You can find my full analysis here.